About QR Codes

QR codes are image codes that are used for the purpose of response generation. These codes are simple and they look similar to bar codes but they are much different in capabilities. QR codes are two dimensional and they are composed of carious characters that can store a lot of information. These codes are easily read by your smartphones and they can perform various types of tasks. For instance, QR codes can carry information such as a link to a website or any texted document. These codes were designed by the Toyota Company for the purpose of keeping track of the vehicles that are manufactured by them. In this sense, QR codes were initially used only in Japan but later on, it became popular in various countries such as the US, Korea, Italy, and France. In general, the codes are composed of black modules that are made on a white colored background. These codes are extremely handy and they are used in various things such as advertising and as business cards. Basically, QR codes were designed for the purpose of sending information in coded form by high speed transmission.

The Process of Generation/Creation/Customization of QR Codes

It is very easy to generate your own personal QR code, which can be used for various purposes. There are thousands of websites that are available over the Internet and they can easily generate a unique QR code for your purpose. The data that is stored on these codes vary from one image to another and it depends on the software used for generating the QR code image. It is also possible to generate your QR code without using these websites. However, you need to have knowledge of one of the programming language, and then download the library that is available over the Internet. The library contains all the required functions to generate the QR code.

Software Available

There are various websites that offer the software. The use of a QR code requires two types of software. The first is a generator that can generate a QR code and other a reader that is installed on your smartphone. In this way, it can process and read the QR code. If a QR code reader is not installed on your smartphone, you can easily download it from the Internet where it is available as free ware. As for the software for generating the QR codes, you just need to write the required message in text and the software will generate a QR code image. After that, you can use the QR code reader that is installed on your smartphone to scan and process it. The processed image may contain information, depending on the text. The text can be a web address or a multimedia file that can be read on the smartphone.

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