Near Field Communication – NFC

What is near field communication or NFC? NFC is a wireless communication technology which connects two wireless devices that are placed near to each other at a distance which is just a few centimeters away. Near field communication is mostly used in making payments in retail stores. NFC technology is not very popular except in some places in the United States. Many smartphone manufacturers are embedding NFC chips into the phone, which is used as a near field communications device. Users of NFC technology communicate encrypted data to the near field reader, which is mostly used when they shop in stores or make payments at the billing desk.

One benefit of this technology is the safeguarding of the users’ financial information from getting displayed every time. NFC allows users to feed in their financial information in the NFC chip. After the billing is done, what they have to do is just wave their smartphone in the billing desk or just tap their phone. The near field communication reader reads the information and the money is debited either from credit card information or bank account or the mobile phone itself. All in all, NFC technology enables the user to carry less cash, which is always safe. This technology is gradually getting popular and will be more popular in days to come.

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