QR Code Apps

QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response codes, and as the name suggests, it is used for quick decoding of information. QR is a form of encoding and storing information, and it has been used in the manufacturing industry extensively. This has consequently led to the creation of a wide range of QR code apps to undertake the numerous tasks. It involves a two-dimensional set of black squares set within a white background, and it can encode alpha-numeric characters, as well as a wide range of other characters such as the Japanese Kanji.

QR Codes Origins

It is very important to understand the origins of the QR code system of encoding and storing data so that you can effectively understand the context of the QR code apps and their importance. It was developed by a motor manufacturing company which happened to be a subsidiary of the global car maker Toyota. This system was initially used to store and encode data in regards to the manufacturing of the cars in this subsidiary company which was later used for quick extraction of the information. Its success made it a very viable system for adoption in other types of industries.

QR Code Apps – Uses

As earlier mentioned, QR code apps have been developed to serve a multitude of needs, and we will subsequently explore them in detail below:

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

This was the initial use of the QR code system, and the initial apps were tailored by the Toyota subsidiary called Denso Wave, back in 1994, for tracking the vehicles they were manufacturing throughout the production process. This system was used to store useful information that related to the whole manufacturing system such as the number of cars being assembled, the names of the workers in the assembly plant and other relevant details. Due to its two-dimensional nature, it was used for fast decoding of the data.


Of late, more people are flocking into entertainment joints to release the stresses of modern life; and this being the Information Age, the entertainment joints have had to keep in tandem with the huge amount of information needed about their patrons, such as ticket details. This information has to be encoded in a secure manner and be decoded in a very fast and efficient manner as well. This has led to the development of many QR code based apps to undertake the data processing. Also, musicians go on tours as an integral component of their marketing strategy. As you all know, handling the logistics involved is quite a demanding task and the QR code apps have proven to be quite a reliable way of handling this data.

Product Marketing

No doubt many of you always get annoyed by the blatantly intrusive marketing gimmicks adopted by the marketing industry when pushing the sales of their products. Numbers are everything in this industry, and a marketing firm that cannot effectively process this data will find itself in a quandary. In effect, this market has turned to QR code apps for the handling of this daunting task. This efficiency coupled with the ability to customize the QR code apps to the exact specifications you desire have accelerated their adoption in this very fast changing industry. So, the next time an advertisement spews out luring statistics at you, chances are that QR code apps have a hand in it!

Mobile Computing

There is no doubt that most of you have a mobile device you depend on for most of your communication needs, and the best part of it is undoubtedly the scores of mobile apps that enable you to do almost anything you can dream of, right on your mobile device! Android based phones use the QR code system for redirection and Nokia phones have a bar code scanner that also utilizes the same code system. For ardent Apple fans and consumers, the mobile devices from Apple do not have a natively built-in QR code system though you can check out a wide range of apps in the App Store. There are free QR code apps as well as paid apps. 

Security of QR Code Apps

Just like any other software, QR code generated by another user or party can be fused with a virus, so you have to get you QR code software from reliable sources only, especially those with excellent reviews.

Create your own QR Code App

If you are daring enough, go ahead and create your own QR code apps. It’s fun!