QR Codes in Marketing

Quick response codes or QR codes are the latest tools for marketing your business. It’s an easy way to provide the desired information by using a smaller space than the traditional barcode. Before we look at how to use QR code for marketing, let’s try to understand QR codes a little better. What is a QR code? A QR code is defined as a two-dimensional code or sometimes a matrix code that store numerous information and data. Basically, QR codes are easy and simple to generate, and more importantly, it’s easy to reach your target audience with QR codes. When you are marketing your product or service with QR barcodes, you can draw more traffic to the URL of your business. When the target customer scans this QR code, it will directly bring the customer to your website.

Here are three key elements to consider when you are using QR barcode for marketing.

  1. The target audience should have a smartphone with QR code scanner.
  2. You need to have a QR codes generator app. It may be free or a paid.
  3. You need to recognize a place or site where you think you can get potential customers. Explore places where people can see the QR barcode and scan them to reach your website or access information about your business.

You can use QR codes in both offline and online marketing materials. The potential offline marketing avenues where you can use QR barcodes include packaging and labeling materials, your presentation deck, a visible area in the store, magazines, and even the backside of your business card. Online marketing avenues where you can use QR codes include digital publishing materials and real estate online promotion materials.

When you use QR codes for marketing your product or service, you can also track the traffic that it is bringing to your website. In a nutshell, QR codes are one of the most happening and popular modes of marketing in recent times.

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